Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Show Me the Money"

Like every other political blogger in America, I wanted to write a post on the debt ceiling crisis.  Unfortunately, since this blog is supposed to be about facts, it's likely to be a pretty short post because there don't appear to be any facts.  There are lots of stories.  You can go pretty much anywhere you like to read them.  Someone offered this and it was rejected.  No they didn't, it was just a trial balloon.  Republicans won't accept any tax increases.  Well, maybe they will.  Democrats are going to reform entitlements.  No maybe they aren't.  Well, let's stick to the one fact we pretty much know.

Defaulting on the debt is both a really bad idea and really unnecessary.  That's the only fact we have.

Now, if I could, I'd like to make a modest request for more facts.

1.  Each party in each house of Congress as well as the President should table, in writing, a proposed response to the debt ceiling.  Let's have those published on the internet on Monday.

2.  Let's turn all of them into legislative language.  If Congress and the President want to keep negotiating them while that goes on, they can feel free.

3.  Let's have a vote on each and every one of them prior to the August 2 deadline.

That way, we'd have 5 tries to avoid the debt ceiling crisis and some actual facts in the discussion.

Radical I'm sure but it can't be worse than what we've been doing for the last 2 weeks.

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